Neeraj Mukta

Work experience

Medbikri Jan 2022 — Present

Lead Frontend Engineer
  •  Medbikri is an inventory management android app and web app. We help medical shop owners improve their sales, retain customers, maintain inventory and much more.

  •  I joined Medbikri as the lead engineer (first tech guy in the team) and focused on building an android app and its core features.. And instantly, I was put to test by Founders to research and implement a core feature in 4 weeks.

  •  The feature is called `Smart Inventory upload`. It uses OCR to detect text from purchase bills and inputs the necessary information into the app, users just have to verify the captured data which is way faster than typing everything into the computer or the app.

  •  As a lead engineer, I work closely with interns and other team members. I work on maintaining UI bits & components, implementing new features and actively writing and maintaining e2e test cases.

  •  My role also includes assigning tasks, helping interns with tasks, code reviews and app releases and web deployments.

  •  I frequently interact with non-tech people in the team to understand issues better and collect end user feedback and work on it.

  •  I conduct training and demo sessions for FoS (fleet on street) to teach them about our app and web app, new features that get released and how to fix common errors, and deal with the customers.

  •  Another challenging and critical part of my job is to make sure production apps are bug free, that means I’ve to actively monitor alerts, check groups and DMs for any issues arising in the app.

  • Tech stack : React Native, React, Apollo GraphQL, NodeJs, ExpressJs, Postgres, AWS and much more! 

eGov Foundation Sept, 2021 — Dec, 2021

Senior Frontend Engineer
  •  Egov is a non profit organization founded by Nandan Nilekani. They focus on building platforms and services for civil societies to make administration simple and effective in different cities, towns and villages of India.

  •  I was working on a platform called digit. I was a portal for administrative people to collect taxes, approve floor plans, make announcements etc.

  •  Initially, I worked on writing compound components for the provided designs, I used react, tailwind css, along with styled components to make reusable Forms, HoCs etc.

  •  I also worked on bug fixes for the existing features and wrote unit and e2e cases using jest and playwright.

  •  I then worked on setting up a new UI library and replacing all the old components with the new ones. We also did lots of profiling, performance monitoring to improve load times and wait times in our web app.

  •  Then, I also got a chance to work on backend APIs, create new ones, fix issues in existing ones.

    Tech stack : Reactjs, React-Query, Tailwind css, WSL2, Java, Springboot, Jenkins etc Nov 2020 — Aug 2021

Full Stack Developer
  •  Blitz is a desktop app which helps player improve their performance in various games like LoL, TFT, Valorant, Fortnite by aggregating their stats and showing pro player's strategies etc

  •  It is built using electron and react along with multiple backends namely written in Node, Exilir.

  •  Initially, I worked on writing components for the provided designs, I used react, redux, along with styled components,

  •  I also worked on bug fixes for league of legends and interacted with the user base for feedback and issues.

  •  I then worked on enterprise grade features writing react components and nodejs apis for filtering, aggregating and storing crucial game information

  •  Then, I worked on new feature called postmatch performance where I built the pages as well as the backend apis for those pages, wrote logic for aggregating game data for those pages

  •  I also worked on overlays which ran on top of the game client to help players make quick decisions in the game.

    Tech stack : Reactjs, Redux, Nodejs, expressjs, sequelize, Electronjs, styled-components, postgres, flatbuffers

Coforge (Previously NIIT technologies) Sep, 2018 — Oct, 2020

Software Engineer
  • Here, I worked with various clients over the course of 2 years. My last client here was a bank called Santander US.

  •  I was the team lead for their data aggregation product and led a team of 6-7 people to build a product which was inspired from other similar products like Plaid, Yapily, Belvo and Saltedge

  •  I worked on building prototype applications to integrate various platforms and understand the pros and cons of each of the aforementioned platforms.

  •  Then, we started building a product similar to plaid, in house. The idea was to make a highly flexible and scalable framework that can easily integrate with all the financial institutions as and when needed with minimum effort. (like banks, nbfcs, amc, etc).

  •  We used python based framework called nameko to make event driven micro services for managing various account linking strategies for different institutions.

  •  We(Santander) also got a client(a Brazilian micro lending firm) for this product. I developed the interface for smooth interaction and transition from their platform to our platform.

  •  Other clients with who I worked in Coforge a B2B E-commerce (Office Depot) and again a bank (Santander UK) where I worked as a java developer and Angular developer respectively.

  • Tech stack :Java 11, SpringBoot, Reactjs, Redux, Angular 9, Expressjs, PassportJs, MongoDB, Nameko, python, FastAPI, Puppeteer, Playwright, Cloud Foundry, AWS June 2021 — April 2023

Side Hustle
  • Since, pandemic is going to be the new normal and we software engineers can basically work from anywhere thanks to the internet.

  •  So, we just want to make the high paying job opportunities around the globe more accessible and easily available to SDEs anywhere on the planet.

  •  Our goal is to keep transparency and equality in terms of benefits and salary among developers of all regions.

  •  We have used Nextjs for SSR, SSG and boosting SEO rankings, tailwind css for ui, strapi cms with postgres db for managing and storing jobs and for deployment

  •  There are lot of other features planned for


2014 – 2018 : Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore

  •  Graduated with 8.0 CGPA in Bachelors of Information Technology

  •  Studied computer basics and learned programming languages like C/C++, Java

  •  Worked in various technical and non-techincal chapters, worked in NGOs etc

  •  I was also very interested in IoT so I did some projects on it. My Final year project was also a embedded systems project.


Playing Table Tennis, badminton, trekking, hiking, cycling and cooking are my favorite relaxing activities.


References available upon request.
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